Sunday, June 27, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Crazy Busy

I've been working on this today. Chris and I just ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay this past weekend. A big thanks to the Calderwoods and Uncle Quin for watching our kids for us.

It was a challenging and rewarding experience. There is such a huge sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something that is difficult for you. Loved it.

It took our relay team 32 hours to complete the 188 mile course from Logan to Park City. This doesn't include the driving time before and after.

Chris had amazingly difficult legs. Just imagine going up the canyon for 7 to 8 miles uphill or downhill or on dusty, dirt roads, twice within just a few hours.

This year I pushed myself and ran 18.4 miles total plus 2 miles when I helped Chris finish one of his difficult legs. My last leg was 7.9 miles of downhill, then a lot of uphills. What makes this race unique is running several legs with little sleep, under rough conditions, with friends. Although there were rough patches, overall it was a blast with lots of good memories.

We came home and crashed only to wake up to feed the kids and put them to bed.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wow, has it really been 25 days since my last post?

Here are a couple conversations I want to remember:


Lolo: Mommy said a bad word, mommy said a bad word, mommy said a bad word.

Me: Stop saying that. Someone's going to believe you.

the Boys: What did she say?

Lolo: Booger

Vy: Mom? Do people say bad words in their head?

Me: (pause, pause,pause) ummmm.

His question took me aback.

Of course after sharing this conversation with Chris, mostly because Vy is always thinking one step ahead, Chris said that what I should have said was "Yes, but we really shouldn't." But me being the slow thinker that I am..........couldn't think of anything wise to mind was clogged up with guilt.


Me: Boy, all this dental work is costing an arm and a leg.

Chris: We should just have all your teeth pulled out and get dentures for you.

Me: That would be expensive too.

Chris: I'll do it for you.

Me: No thanks.

Our trip to Jackson Hole

about a 5 hour drive and non stops of "Are we there yet?" and Vy's most famous line, "How many more minutes?" It drives us all nuts.

The wildlife were out. The moose were roaming about, you can see a fox in the pic. above at the playground where the kids play just outside out condo, and loads of buffalo and elk everywhere. The coolest was when we spotted a wolf just a few yards away from us. We were driving and so we followed it for a while before it crossed us and disappeared.

The boys playing and exploring.

We went to the Ripleys Believe of Not museum. They had a cool belt buckle collection if you're into that sort of thing. Otherwise two thumbs down.

We woke up to lots of snow.

Love Jackson for all the trails and slow pace.

This is the condo we stayed at. It was really nice.

And I'm guessing about the size of an apartment in Japan if we move there. Tight quarters.

Vy wanted to go to the desert and get a cactus. So here we are in west desert. Not my sort of thing but Chris was way into it and so were the boys. Apparently it was something Chris and his family did once growing up. It reminds me of the time we came out here to hunt for geodes and another trip we made to look for pine nuts. Pictured above is the type of cactus we brought home and planted in our front yard.

The younger boys and I visited the zoo.

The boys are out for the summer. Here is Lolo and his class at their end of the year performance.

Vy and Toki in the choir.

We went to Spoon Me afterward.

The boys loved it. It was too healthy for me. I prefer a little more fat and sugar.

A quail family built their nest in our garden. After pestering them enough, they finally moved. But not before we let the boys hold one of the chicks.

We camped at Aspen grove and fished at Strawberry Reservoir.

The boys finally got nice bags and it was the first time ever that we slept well while camping. Hallelujah.

Hanging out with old friends. We also hung out with new friends but didn't take pictures of the BBQ and dutch oven cooking we've been doing now that the weather has warmed up.

We've been busy with soccer. All three boys played this Spring. Chris coached Vy's and Lolo's teams. We had a really good day of soccer last Saturday. My boys made me proud. All of them did awesome and played their hearts out. I even caught myself saying "I can have a couple more boys."

Being the soccer mom for the two younger boy's teams prepared me for my new job as the team manager for Vy's U7 academy soccer team. My brain feels fried trying to organize the team. Today they had their first day of workouts. I'm amazed at how much Vy has grown up. A 1 1/2 hour soccer workout is not easy and he stuck with it. They'll have two a week besides their practices with their team throughout the summer. Not to mention soccer camp and possible tournaments.

We also just had our second day of swim lessons. All three of them are in different levels but lucky me that they have them at the same time. Tomorrow I'll do swim laps while they are in lessons. And I bought a summer pass to our recreation center. We plan on living at the pool this summer. It's where we spent the bulk of the day today.