Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Last week

We've been lucky to be able to go up to Wyoming with Chris on some of his trips there. This was taken last week. Those are the Teton Mountains right behind us. More pics to come on our trip into Yellowstone. I took the boys to see the Upper and Lower Falls which I haven't seen since the summer before my mission. On our way back we stopped along Yellowstone Lake to check out some geysers along a path, only to be met by a herd of Elk. We were literally just a few feet away from them. My usual fearless, carefree kindergartner was not himself around that. He became fearful, worried, and very quiet as we passed them along the path. We even took some snapshots of the bull who was only a few feet away as we made our way out of the area.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


a conversation we had tonight during our after- scripture- reading- hot- chocolate- treat

me: Someone get the marshmallows.
Lolo: But I ate them all.
me: The whole bag?
Lolo: Yes.
me: When?
Lolo: When we were making forts.
me: That's not good, not good at all.
Lolo: No mom, it was REALLY good.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A preview

Had a blast making these. These spider legs are crunchy btw. They're filled with plastic bags....was not in the mood to make yet another run to the fabric store so we improvised.

Love the purple and black fabric. I had a hard time figuring out how to do the regal collar. It turned out pretty cool once I figured it out.

I wasn't as excited about making a ninja costume. Are you sure you want to be a ninja? I asked him several times. But these boys don't change their mind once it's made up. Then I discovered you can do fabulous things with felt and I got super excited and it might just be my favorite of the three. I could have bought a ski mask for $5 but decided since I had extra black fabric that I would at least try to make it. I took a look at how the ski mask was made, went home and got to work. Not too shabby. Just don't ask me to follow a pattern because I've never done that before.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm not crazy. Earlier this month I handed over my driver's license and social security card to my main squeeze. He needed a copy of them. I knew there was a risk in this since he is notorious for losing, wedding ring, planners, ya know, expensive or important things. Every once in a while I asked him if he still had them. I don't care if those things are in his wallet and not in mine just as long as I know where I can find them when I needed them. He said yes. I never collected them since usually I asked him in passing and I wasn't really worried. Then the day came when I needed my driver's license and wo and behold, it's not in my wallet. I looked up and down the house, running through my memory and every possible situation to try to remember where I put that driver's license and social security card because that was lost as well. Chris swore he gave them back to me and still swears he did. I tried to remember when, how and in what situation that occurred to try to trigger where I would have put them. For sure, I was losing my mind. Why couldn't I remember? I was feeling bummed and discouraged at my disorganization and poor memory. Chris finally found them in a folder in his work bag. So glad to have those cards back. I was so worried they would fall into the wrong hands. And now I'm convinced I'm not crazy but Chris is!

My latest reads include

Which sadly I didn't like all that much. I thought the idea was great but had a hard time getting into the book. It was turning out to be one of those books I was just reading to see how it ends and hoping it would get better. It did in the end come together for me. I did cry. I'll give it that much.

Thought it looked interesting. Turned out to be o.k.

was a cute book. I think I found this one in the children section of the library. Liked it better than the two previous. Actually really liked it. The main character was true to herself, strong and noble. She found herself in situations where she had to make really hard decisions and did well.

currently reading this. Finally, a book that is grabbing my attention. Love the way the author is telling the story. I'm finding how the story is unraveling very captivating. Salem witch trials, a diary, love story......looking forward to picking up where I left.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Never has this happened to me before.........I see a NEWBORN baby and I get all gooey inside. I stare longer than usual and think about how much I miss that stage.......the teeny tiny features, fingers and toes, and the sounds that only a fresh, new baby makes. Never ever before. I've had two dreams since this weird phenomenon started about me being pregnant, birthing, and tending to a baby. I've been enjoying my three boys......and have I ever mentioned that I love having boys......and I'm really happy with where we are at and enjoying our stage immensely. It's not unusual for me to be happy and refreshed when I wake up, to look around me and easily feel light and grateful for the skies, the beauty around me, and have the energy to do stuff. I know with pregnancy and having a newborn, those feelings will be harder to come by (for me). But worth it. As for now, I believe I'm not done having kids and I can only smile.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I call her Lily

Any guesses as to what's in that?

Vy caught a PrayingMantis last week. Then decided to add a couple of bees to his insect collection. We were shocked to see it attacking bees. It ate a total of 5 bees on it's first day in captivity. The next night it ate a wasp. I was curious to see how Vy caught the bees and wasp so I decided to tag along. Then we found out it was a female. And now we're expecting baby bugs next Spring.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Halloween Stuff

I like it :0). And here's why.....

Had so much fun doing these to hang up over the fireplace.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tis the Season



soccer enthusiast

soccer game intermittent entertainment


Soccer anyone?

Here's to Soccer.

Perhaps you're starting to get the drift. There is a lot of soccer around here. With practices, Toki juggling two teams, Chris as Vy's coach and me as an assistant, and games a few times a week, we get our fair share of soccer.