Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Some things about you:
You're the only one that was born with grey eyes.......your brother's eyes were just black. Turns out they're a pretty brown, in between dad's and mine.
The other day you told me you had "smashed" potatoes at school for lunch.
You're a giver....you just want to give...away your silly bands to your friends even though you spent your own allowance money to buy them........give treats to your teacher who got hurt.....make and give cards and treats out to neighbors....
Turns out you're very responsible in getting your homework done and you want to explode when you can't get the instructions.
You started reading beginner chapter books. I thought I would never see the day.
You're a math whiz.
You loathe cereal for breakfast.
You still eat and sleep like a champ.
You're persistent.
You have the softest, prettiest skin in the family.
You could care less about doing your hair and brushing your teeth.
You hate having your upper teeth brushed.......it tickles too much......and you freak out......one day I'll get it on video.
You have a big heart and watch out for your little brother at the play ground.
You're super warm, like an electric blanket.....in fact you sleep with the fan on.........as a baby, I had to fan you to sleep.
Nothing goes by you.....
You have a sharp memory and can recall details that the rest of us have forgotten......it's quite amazing actually.
You say the most random things.
The other day you asked, "Why do girls wear big fluffy things across their chests?" And I didn't know how to answer.
And you asked "Why do girls have a million hairs in their arm pits?" And after I said, "everyone does," you looked at your own armpit and said "Nope."
I love your toes and feet. They're strong and sturdy and an exact replica of your daddy's toes and feet. You make me massage them almost every night. You're the only one that gets one.
You're fun and busy and loud and boisterous.
You're a gem and we love you.

Fun for Me

I thought this was a cute pose by me....which is unusual. And then I have the issue of liking the way I look but not anyone else. But I won't let this picture go to waste.


Boys Erased

Color Changed

Texture Picked

and wa-laa! A gift from me to you cuz I know you just can't get enough.

Friday, October 22, 2010

the difference

Me: Where did you get so many silly bands?

Toki: I've been finding them on the floor......finders keepers losers weepers.

Me: Where are your silly bands?

Vy: I've been giving them away to my friends who don't have any. I gave Eliza 2 bracelets for free. She said she loves them....and they make half her room glow. She's my best friend (with a sigh). And I gave Jared some since he lost and broke all of his.

Lolo: Mom, you can have my bracelets. Do you want to wear them?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Friends and Photography

I'm pleased, but I never know....what looks good to me might not look good to you. Let me know what you think.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Chris went to Tokyo....and I

brought this canvas painting home....

And made some pillows for our lovely vintage couches that I have fallen in love with over the years. And since I can't get rid of them....

I redid my kitchen chairs in this crazy, vintage, orange fabric.

and also made curtains.

Now I'm dreaming of making this .

And if you're wondering how his trip went....it was productive. He met with the people he needed to and found out good and bad news. He found out that they don't need him right now.....which was sort of bad news....and we wished they would have told us over the phone or by email instead of after spending all our points on a round trip ticket to Japan. However, because of the visit, he had a very honest and needed meeting with the head guy. After he got the truth about Chris and his mad skills, he decided that he would commit to getting us over there by May/June. We'll see....

He visited a few International schools and was taken on a tour for housing, by an agent. My main criteria for schooling is a music and Japanese language program....and also close proximity to Chris' work.

Chris was able to attend his cousin's wedding and see his parents who were there as well. He got lots of bonding time with his cousins, pulling a couple of late nights, ate good food, and traveled to Northern Japan with his parents to visit their old mission area. He also got to see what it's like to travel by train during rush hour in Tokyo and went to a Japanese bath house. Such a brave man...I'm much too shy for that.


You are so loved, kiddo. You did such a great job fishing today....such focus, patience, perseverance. We were amazed.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

So sad...I thought I had lost these photos....

glad I found them! They turned out great.

haha. I just noticed this......Chris and Vy's funny faces are the same.....they are soooo alike in too many ways!