Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feeling Blue.....

A sweet friend of mine passed away today. She had cystic fibrosis.
Still not running because of a sprain.....
Which means I'm feeling icky.
I haven't had a good conversation with another adult in a looooong time.
I can go on and on, but I won't.
Here's something I put together. Enjoy and leave a comment. It would make me happy.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Latest Updates

Me: Vy do you want to sign up for basketball too?
Vy: No.......I only want to do easy sports.

Me: Vy, sing the songs for the choir.
Vy: No....I only know the short one and I can't remember it anymore.......I hate the 12 days of Christmas..........it makes me lose my breath.


On the topic of choir..........auditions were today. Toki signed up to audition for a small group part. The director called and asked what we thought about him singing the solo part in O come O come Emmanuel..........we're pretty stoked.

Lolo............cuddling with me, "Being next to you makes me happy.........I can't stop smiling."

Tidbits from the lastest Photo shoots

One of my first shoots this Fall/Winter that gave me confidence. From posting this on facebook, I got 5 more lined up. From posting the consequent two families, I got 5 more as well. I'll be busy the next few weeks.

To make this photo below, that I love...

I used mom's face from the above picture

to replace the mom's face in this one.

I liked how dad and his son on the left looked in the above picture.

And I liked the mom and son on the right better in this picture. So I combined them to make the following.

Fun stuff

Friday, November 12, 2010

Taking baby steps

I discovered MCP actions the other night when I was doing a search for something about photography. I'm a bit of an editing addict.......so the idea of editing shorts cuts, that are quite lovely, really interested me. However, the package I want costs about $400.

I downloaded a few free ones that the founder was giving out to test out the waters and found myself getting frustrated. I don't think they're easy to use (yet). Of course, Chris comes home and figures it out in a matter of a few minutes and then shows me a bunch of free actions online that other artists have donated.

Which brings me back to MCP actions.......I think I'd be wasting my money if I didn't get more familiar with the basics. So, although the shortcuts sound enticing.......they're probably going to be frustrating and not really short cuts, unless I do some shaping up. As for now, I think I'll continue taking baby steps and not jump into something I'm not ready for.

Sometime tonight I learned how to use the patch tool. And practiced on this sweet little baby. I also lighted up her splotchy skin using a brush and switching to the "light" filter and lowering the opacity. I'm sure there's another way to do it but just haven't learned how.

They'll be more pictures to edit and practice on. I have a handful of photo shoots lined up, this week and next........

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It took Toki a long time to get into the groove of reading this school year. Last year he devoured all of Roald Dahl books and found many favorite series including the Hardy Boys to fill up his reading chart. I think he was burnt out and took the summer off, and then it took us a while to find something that kept his interest. He started many good chapter books but didn't seem to look forward to picking them up and reading for more than 20 minutes.

However, I haphazardly picked up this book at the library and immediately he was hooked. Every night he looked forward to reading and reading for a long time.

After that book was done, Chris picked up this book series from the book fair. Toki read all three in a week in a half. He absolutely loved them and was eager to talk about the stories.

Something else that I'm excited about is the choir. This is the second year the boys have participated in the school choir. Last year the principal conducted the group and I was amazed at how well the kids did. This year someone else stepped up to the plate........and I am so impressed and happy with the program.

They practice twice a week before school starts and now there are auditions for small groups and solos. There are also auditions for dancing parts. I've been really impressed with the caliber of the choir this year and I'm so glad my boys can be a part of it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lolo tidbits

You are so patient....always waiting so patiently. You by far are the best at this in our household.

I recently opened my eyes to this imaginary play thing you do with your hands. Last month I noticed it during our lunches together and right before you fall asleep while you lay in bed. I don't know how long you've been doing it and how it's progressed to this, but one day, when I opened my eyes and paid attention to what you were doing while you were waiting............I saw you........

waiting for lunch

More tidbits:
You call me "cutie mommy," "cutie pie," and "beautiful mom." Seriously stink'in cute.

I've been trying to convince you that you won't want to marry me but you're adamant that you will.

In part of the video you pick some colored cards up to play with. You got them from preschool to learn your colors. It's a game. I hide them around the house and you find them or vise versa. When your brothers are gone, you pull them out and make me play this game over and over again.......it drives me nuts after a while. And you always give me hints......you pretty much show me where you hide them each time.

Today, like on many days, while I was cleaning........you asked to help........You took a rag, rinsed it off, soaked it in vinegar water, ringed out the rag and cleaned surfaces.....over and over.......until we were done.

Some dialogue I want to remember: (there's so many, I wish I could remember them all)

Lolo "Who farted?"
Me "Not me."
Lolo laughing "I did."
Me "You're suppose to keep it a secret when you fart."
Lolo "Oh, K."
Me "Dad has a hard time doing that."

Lolo "Mom, I woke up without underwear. I put some on yesterday and now......gone."
Me "Oh, I hate when that happens." (not thinking when I replied)

Me "Lolo, on your next birthday you're going to be four again......I'm not letting you turn five......nope you're going to stay my baby. We're going to put a diaper on you and give you a bottle."
Lolo "Moooooom, I'm still going to keep growing even then."

Lolo "Mom, where's dad going?" (on our way home from somewhere, driving in separate cars)
Me "He's driving home."
Lolo "He's going to sleep there and in the morning he's still going to be there?"
Me "Yes."
Toki "That's crazy."
(apparently the boys have noticed dad has been working long hours)

Your own lingo:

I want a nola bar---granola
MOM!!! Tect me, tect me------protect me........as you run away from a brother.

We love you!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Practice makes Perfect

Gotta long ways to go........

I had a hard time getting the kids to look at the camera. They were usually off to the side. I was thinking maybe next time to tape something eye catching right above the lens.

By the end of this photo shoot.......I was sweating and tuckered out.

I have so much fun playing around with the photos. Nothing can get in my way.........not even my poor kids. Unfortunately to make it worth my time, I'd have to charge a whole lot of money and I don't think I'm good enough for that. It's a tricky thing. I'm also super self conscious about the finished product.........just not quite sure if it's good especially after comparing my stuff to some of those amazing, talented photographers out there. I know it's a step up but still I want to be better than that.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some notes about Halloween

the pumpkins that we came up with

Toki as Dumbledore.......or as a friend accidentally came up with......Dumble Dork

the boys before Trunk or Treat

Lolo's preschool class.......Vy had just head bumped Lolo in the face.......so not too happy right then

How Vy really felt about his costume......mostly was unsure about the helmet......which I thought was cute....."Mom, this is a weapon.........I can't wear this to school."

A courtesy photo by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third......thanks kiddo

Some things we did....
Dad's work party (Chris and I actually dressed up....hope I can get the pics.)
School Parades
School carnival
Provo Halloween Half Marathon.......which I didn't finish because I fell......I'm a dork
Trunk or Treat