Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I May Have to Go Private

Thanks for coming to my blog. I enjoy your thoughts/comments.

I'm uncomfortable with just anyone coming here, so if you know the address, you must be really special :0)

Out of respect and courtesy, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't take my stuff, videos, posts, pictures, and anything at all from my journal and re-post it anywhere or share my link with anyone. I'm especially leery of just ANYONE looking at videos of us and especially of the kids.

There were a few recent incidences where this has occurred. Two of which I know weren't malicious but I still felt it should have been run by me first.......the other I'm not so sure was posted with love ;o).

I hope I don't have to go private.......because I know just having that extra step to log on is enough extra work to get me to stop visiting a blog.


A ridiculous little Guilt trip.

During the last few miles of the marathon I came upon a very large, bright, orange caterpillar inching it's way across the road. I'd never seen anything like it before. It was out of place.

My brain was in slow motion. But some things came to my mind like.....that's a huge road it's trying to cross, I wonder if it feels the heat coming off the pavement, I hope it doesn't get squished, I'm going to hang in there like the caterpillar. Not one of my thoughts was to help it.

I've been feeling guilty about the whole thing....Stuff like.........Why didn't I stop to pick it up and take it across....I was just thinking about myself and focused on finishing the race.........I could have carried it with me and shown it to the boys......How much do I do this in my life.... being so focused on myself or us to not see the little things I can do around me to make it a better place for someone or something else.

Just a thought.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the Deseret News Marathon

Things I want to remember about this race:

Going to bed at 9pm and waking up at 1:45 am to get ready.

Boarding the last bus at 3:45a.m.

Finally getting in to the porta potties and secretly wondering if I could get away with hanging out in there for a couple was freezing out there.

Talking to two incredible runners and wishing I could be like them.

When I hit mile 3 and my legs were already feeling like jello. I hadn't prepared for the steep downhills. I tried not to panic and tried to take it one mile at a time, hoping all along that my legs wouldn't buckle.

Soon after, I saw a steep uphill that went on for a long time......and I was actually glad that I could use different muscles. I persisted on jogging and not walking the whole way.

Soon after the long hill, things turned steep again downhill, and I was able to break away from the two most annoying chicks. Seriously, I respect those run/walkers. They make great time. But hate, when I am the poor soul they pass and fall behind. I had to jog around them so many times. And hearing their loud hits on the pavement made it worse. I felt like they were competing with me and it made it hard to concentrate on my running. It was taking a tole on how I was feeling emotionally about my running. Once that downhill came, I increased my pace, all the while I could hear them trying to pass me up. The last time I saw them from the corner of my eye was during a switch back and I really forced myself not to look their was freaking me out. I never had to see them again.

Hitting mile 9 and experiencing excruciating pain on the inside of my left foot below the ankle. It came on gradually and persisted to get worse. I prayed. A thought came to my mind to take my shoe insert out and tighten up my shoelaces. It came to me a couple times before I actually stopped and did it. The pain was gone. It came back towards the end of the marathon. I believe the damage was done. The roads were really curved and it was hard to find a flat strip. My ankles were bent funny and may have a stress fracture now.

I carry a water bottle when I run. I get panicky when I don't have water and I'm thirsty. It's like torture on top of torture. I was running low on water but an awesome lady was giving away water bottles from her car. She saved me.

The time one of the volunteers filled my water bottle up for me. I kept jogging and he was so kind to run up to catch me. So many angels along the course to be thankful for. Every clap, every smile, every cheer, and word of encouragement carried me along.

Hitting mile 13 at 2:20. I was o.k. with that considering how challenging the course was and how my body was feeling.

Seeing someone I thought was Chris, and crying. Such a dork.

Seeing an old man hobbling through the marathon. He inspired me.

Hitting mile 20 and counting down.

Running through the parade and feeling the vibes.

Seeing the 25 mile marker. Just 1.2 miles left. It took me 15-20 minutes to do, I think.

Crossing the finish line. The joy of being done.

I got chocked up all along the course. It had to do with the pain, fatigue, humility I was feeling, thinking about my family, thinking about the amazing athletes around me and just the mere fact I was doing a marathon.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mom doesn't fart (Rated R, not for the mature generation)

A while ago I told Toki "Mom doesn't fart." As a result, I heard the following conversation.


Vy: Haha, mom farted.

Toki: Mom doesn't fart.

Vy: Haha, then you farted.

Toki: Yeah, I guess I did...and I didn't even know it.

So the truth is out. I don't fart.

Sunday, July 4, 2010