Monday, June 21, 2010

Crazy Busy

I've been working on this today. Chris and I just ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay this past weekend. A big thanks to the Calderwoods and Uncle Quin for watching our kids for us.

It was a challenging and rewarding experience. There is such a huge sense of accomplishment that comes from doing something that is difficult for you. Loved it.

It took our relay team 32 hours to complete the 188 mile course from Logan to Park City. This doesn't include the driving time before and after.

Chris had amazingly difficult legs. Just imagine going up the canyon for 7 to 8 miles uphill or downhill or on dusty, dirt roads, twice within just a few hours.

This year I pushed myself and ran 18.4 miles total plus 2 miles when I helped Chris finish one of his difficult legs. My last leg was 7.9 miles of downhill, then a lot of uphills. What makes this race unique is running several legs with little sleep, under rough conditions, with friends. Although there were rough patches, overall it was a blast with lots of good memories.

We came home and crashed only to wake up to feed the kids and put them to bed.

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