Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little updates

Lolo learned to ride his bike without training wheels on Monday, August 30th. I wasn't there for the big event. I was on a bike ride myself.

He was so amazed though.

Chris--"I knew you could always do it!"

Lolo--"I didn't think I could. I think Jesus helped me."

The next morning....

Me--"Hey big boy, you can ride a bike now."

Lolo--with a smile on his face, "I think it was all a dream." Still in a state of shock.


Boys started school up last week. I think the excitement has worn off now. Mornings are getting a little rough for one unnamed child (must take after me). Vy, however, is a morning person, just like his daddy. He is up and ready to start the day. What a cutie!


Been doing research on how to have a girl. Seriously though, I am dreaming of another little boy...and I can only come up with boy names.........Milo is my favorite....but I like, Jude, Ian, and Damon.

There are a couple theories out there. The Shettle's method being the most popular and what I was planning on doing. However, I just read about the O+12 theory. Anyone else heard about it? Apparently, one lady after trying the Shettle's method to have a girl, but was unsuccessful and ended up with 5 sons (6 sons total), learned that the Shettle's method only has a 33% success rate when it comes to having girls. What she observed was that more girl babies are born to couples who do the deed 12-24 hours after ovulation. She finally got her daughter. Perhaps they just got lucky.

Oh, I'm so easily swayed. Now I'm all confused and my plans just went out the window. I guess I still have plenty of time to come up with Plan B, since Chris isn't on the same wavelength as me when it comes to baby numero quatro.

I in fact, dislike being pregnant. It's just so uncomfortable. I also like how nice my life is right now. I asked Chris to talk me out of it. He thought he did a good job of it. I have to admit, he did a good job of reminding me of all the hardships. But, as much as I've been fighting the thought and procrastinating the next step and coming up with very good excuses to hold off.......I'm getting the "good to go" vibes. I'm praying to have a better attitude, to have more faith that things will be o.k., and probably should be praying for my hubby to have a change of heart.

Also, I have a doc. appt. for my throat again. I'm feeling like the cyst has come back. Hopefully that is the reason for the discomfort that I'm having and nothing more serious. Grrr, I dislike health problems.

Haven't heard anything different about Japan. It's been the same answers for the last couple of months. They haven't told us that they changed their mind, so we're still hopeful. I think it would be great if it works out, but as for now, I've moved on with my life.

Something for me to look forward to.............I'll be doing a triathlon on the 11th. Wahoo!


  1. I am "trying" for a girl, too. There are so many opinions out there. I decided that Heavenly Father knows my heart. I have prayed for it for a long time. If He thinks I need to have a girl in my family, I will have one. It is easy to say that, harder to accept it if I don't get a girl. Good luck!

  2. It's always good to be reminded of who's in charge. Thanks. And good luck to you too. I think I've decided that I'll just have a boy. 4 cool is that? And if it's a girl, I might be a tiny bit disappointed. But, really, I should just be grateful for healthy babies.

  3. dad put up with 4 girls before he got his boy. Keep trying! haha :)

  4. I will send "girl" mojo to you. I love my boys, but I've been having fun with a girl! You have beautiful children either way--so I vote you have more, the world needs more cute kiddos from a good family.

  5. I'll take any "girl" mojo I can get. :0)