Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the Latest tidbits

The phone rang. It was Toki. "Mom, I threw up." Poor kid threw up at the computer lab. Remnants of his snack, before standardized testing, were all over his pant leg to prove it. Luckily the secretary had read an article about this girl in the Sunday paper. She immedietely knew what I was talking about when I said gastroparesis. I had read the article too. It made me teary.

We're hoping it was something he ate this past weekend. That would mean it's not as serious a case as Gentrie's in which they don't know what causes it. She just couldn't keep anything down before they finally put a pacemaker in her tummy to get her stomach to pump food down. Toki says, "my body doesn't like food" to describe what he's going through. Pretty much his stomach can't digest certain foods and it sits there fermenting and causing pain. Anything else trying to go down will come up unless gravity pulls whatever has been sitting in there down to make room for the new stuff.

We know for sure he has no ability to digest dairy. Hopefully, he ate something with dairy in it that's causing this episode.

He recently read the Dragon Rider and ranked it up there with the Fablehaven series he just finished.

So I picked up the Inkheart series and the Thief Lord by the same author. I threw in a couple more books to mix things up. The other two are Beehive award winners, so they should be good. Let's see if my bookworm can finish these in 3 weeks.

For Mother's Day weekend we had a yard sale.

We wrapped up some house work including putting up a new fence/gate, painting the boy's room and some furniture, and did lots of cleaning. We've been slaving away this past week. Poor Chris has been working through this with a sore lower back. He fell a few weeks ago and he hasn't had time to rest, so it hasn't gotten better.

We also got to hang out with our Provo friends. A big thanks to Ang and Tasha for organizing that!! It was so good to see everyone and all the kids. Thanks Jess for the slideshow. The pictures turned out great!

To think we were all newly weds with no kids when we first met!!! We've all been through a lot in the last decade and yet Life is good.

On Mother's day, I slept and slept and slept. I just could not wake up. I slept 8 hours the night before, woke up for a brief time and then I slept most of the day, and then I slept all night long. I was pretty much asleep on Mother's Day. Thanks to daddy and the boys for letting me catch up!


  1. Sad! Apparently we didn't get the final invite for the party. I had no idea it was on Saturday. I thought Ang was still trying to figure out when it was. Oh well, it was fun to see some of those families through pictures.

  2. I read that article a few days ago and was thinking about Toki. It's sad to think that you will all be gone not long after we move back.

  3. Great group shot Nancy, it is so fun! It was great to see you guys.