Tuesday, September 1, 2009

25 things about me (as posted on my facebook January 2009)

1. I am a worry wart.
2. I am sensitive but try to hide that I'm hurt and often pretend to overlook things but really nothing goes by me.
3. I love to snuggle up to my hubby and kids.
4. I love to tickle torture and smother my boys with hugs and kisses.
5. I'm an expert at hiding, jumping out, and scaring my husband.
6. I scored a 75% on the 1930s marital test. http://www.magatsu.net/maritaltest/
7. I go back and forth about having any more children. I just don't know if I can handle any more worrying.
8. I have a bachelors and masters from BYU in Social Work and wished I had skipped out on the masters and just gone straight to work.
9. Things I wanted to be growing up included a teacher, then a fitness trainer/gym owner, a chemist, a journalist/anchor person, all before majoring in social work. Things I've wanted to do since is be a paramedic, nurse, photographer, and sometimes just go back to the good old waiting on tables day.
10. What I've done to make money include get good grades ($10 for each A, $100 for straight As), babysit, worked for a Veterinarian and did all sort of gross things, waitress, waitress, waitress, Discovery Counselor, academic counselor of the Multicultural Office at BYU, waitress, waitress, waitress, intern therapist for LDS family services, and Wasatch Mental Health, Intern Medical SW at UVRMC, make tamales, and once I was a seasonal worker at Ross. I bet I missed something.
11. I served a mission in Okayama/Hiroshima for my church. My saving graces were Rob Breedlove who watched over me, Amanda Rohner (my soul friend), Tim Smolka who talked my ear off when I was so stressed out and needed to be distracted, and Elder Call who always made sure to greet me. My mission was so hard and wonderful. I've never been so close to the spirit in my life and seen so many miracles. I had doubts for a long time whether I did everything I could on my mission. But, I've been reassured that I was great and did good things.
12. I cook a lot (not to be mistaken with baking, I don't do that a lot). I hate how fast food makes me feel even though it's convenient.
13. I'm a cancer phoebe and thus am very into antioxidants and making sure we get lots of them through veggies, fruit, herbs/seasoning and love orange and grape juice.
14. I want to go microwave less.
15. I am happy my boys have been game system free for going on 6 months. However, I want a Wii for the family interaction and to build my boys skills. Go figure.
16. Last year I ran the SL Half Marathon, the Ragnar Relay (180 miles in 30+hrs team of 12), the Provo trail Half marathon, and finally the Logan Marathon. This year...Provo City Half Marathon and Utah Valley Marathon.
17. I use to run the mile in just over 6 minutes when I was a kid. And once my brothers track coach was desperate for a mile runner in their competition that I joined in. I was in elementary school and had not been training but I am/was so competitive that I wouldn't let the fastest girl by me. I won and ended up throwing up afterward.
18. My fav. subject growing up was P.E. I loved playing sports, exercising, running, lifting weights.
Thus in college it seems like I took everything p.e. including dance classes (Latin beg and intermediate and social dances beg., int., and advanced twice before and after mission, racquetball, golf beg. and int., tennis, volleyball
19. I don't enjoy being pregnant but loved birthing.
20. I miss my family (parents, brothers, extended family especially my cousins, we were close growing up)
21. I want my husband and I to be better friends.
22. I can be shy/outgoing, quiet/vocal, laid back/high strung, worn out/full of energy, nice/mean, hopeful/disenfranchised, happy/sad, unsure/confident, etc.
23. I am easily happy for others because I don't like how jealousy feels.
24. I like to be helpful.
25. My final decision is often based on my gut feeling. Some call it intuition, others call it being irrational, I call it being in tune to the spirit. If there is a decision to be made, I often find myself standing there waiting to FEEL what is the right thing to do even if there is no rational justification.


  1. First comment on #11:
    I was companions w/ Elder Breedlove for a short time. We lived in the same apt. as Elders Kerr and Romney. They all got into mooning each other and they knew I didn't like it, so one day as I was coming out of the bathroom after a shower, I came around the corner and saw 3 backsides all lined up in a row pointing at me. There was a plastic hanger sitting on the table right next to me and without thinking I used it to put a welt on Elder Breedlove's butt. I was only a tiny bit sorry about it later... Ahh, good times :)

    Second comment on #11:
    One day all the elders and sisters in one of my areas went out "dendoing" together. I can't remember who all was there, but it seems like you were... and I have this vague memory of getting 1/2 lost and having to climb over a wall or jump a fence or something... does this ring any bells for you?

    Comment on #14:
    Why? What's wrong with microwaves?

  2. hahaha. Breedlove deserved that. So Gross! That was such a fun group. I don't remember having to jump over any fences but I don't have the greatest memory either. Might have to ask Rohner about that one. I use my microwave more than I'd like to admit. There's a little sticker on it that tells me how much radiation it emits. Sort of creeps me out.