Friday, September 18, 2009

I Wonder

if the habit of biting nails is genetic. Chris and Vy seem to be mirror images of each other. He shares things with his dad that my other boys don't such as an ultra sensitivity to sun light. Chris is always complaining about it being too bright when he's not wearing his sunglasses. Vy is often seen squinting in his pictures when no other person is. As a baby he would cry during our walks until someone pointed out that the sun is bugging him and I became aware of his need for shade. And then there is the fact that I don't have to trim Vy's finger nails. Somewhere and at some point in his life, he picked up nail biting. This is not something he's seen us do. Chris bites his nails in private and thus we never, ever see him biting his nails. And just this past week, Vy started biting his TOE NAILS. I told Chris about this, only to discover that he did the same thing as a kid.

BTW, since I've moved to this city, I haven't been able to check out holiday books from our local library. Every time I try to check some out around the specific holiday to get the boys excited for Halloween or whatever day is coming, I'm too late. All the books are checked out.

This time I thought I'd be sneaky and go check out Halloween books early. It's...what....6 weeks before Halloween. To my amazement and disappointment........THREE shelves of Halloween books........EMPTY!!!

So what now? Do I go and check out all the Thanksgiving books and Christmas books in revenge. My passive aggressiveness at its best.


  1. Put a hold on the book(s) you want. If you are using the SLC library system, you can do it via the web site pretty easily. Since books are due within a few weeks, you figure they have to be checked in some time soon. You can get them then :)

  2. My daughter also bites her finger AND toe nails!! GROSS!