Sunday, October 25, 2009

My latest reads include

Which sadly I didn't like all that much. I thought the idea was great but had a hard time getting into the book. It was turning out to be one of those books I was just reading to see how it ends and hoping it would get better. It did in the end come together for me. I did cry. I'll give it that much.

Thought it looked interesting. Turned out to be o.k.

was a cute book. I think I found this one in the children section of the library. Liked it better than the two previous. Actually really liked it. The main character was true to herself, strong and noble. She found herself in situations where she had to make really hard decisions and did well.

currently reading this. Finally, a book that is grabbing my attention. Love the way the author is telling the story. I'm finding how the story is unraveling very captivating. Salem witch trials, a diary, love story......looking forward to picking up where I left.

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  1. i should read more books. currently I am reading just to get info, so i scan alot. its not as fun, but when its for school i guess thats what has to be done.