Sunday, October 25, 2009


I'm not crazy. Earlier this month I handed over my driver's license and social security card to my main squeeze. He needed a copy of them. I knew there was a risk in this since he is notorious for losing, wedding ring, planners, ya know, expensive or important things. Every once in a while I asked him if he still had them. I don't care if those things are in his wallet and not in mine just as long as I know where I can find them when I needed them. He said yes. I never collected them since usually I asked him in passing and I wasn't really worried. Then the day came when I needed my driver's license and wo and behold, it's not in my wallet. I looked up and down the house, running through my memory and every possible situation to try to remember where I put that driver's license and social security card because that was lost as well. Chris swore he gave them back to me and still swears he did. I tried to remember when, how and in what situation that occurred to try to trigger where I would have put them. For sure, I was losing my mind. Why couldn't I remember? I was feeling bummed and discouraged at my disorganization and poor memory. Chris finally found them in a folder in his work bag. So glad to have those cards back. I was so worried they would fall into the wrong hands. And now I'm convinced I'm not crazy but Chris is!


  1. The 'folder' in my work bag, was a folder that had the loan documents that I handed her and walked through with her at the same time I gave back her license. The next day I put the folder into my work bag. I had no idea she stuffed her license and Social Security card inside. Why didn't she put them away? I must be CrAzY.

  2. Oh, no, no, no! PLEASE don't carry your SS card around with you! Keep it locked in a filing cabinet or something like that. Carrying it around with you is very dangerous and very seldom beneficial.

  3. Chris says the same thing and you're both right. It's just that I've done it all my life.