Monday, November 2, 2009

On Halloween

We went to Strawberry to fish. The boys LOVED it. We also went trick or treating around our neighborhood, met Loyd, Angela and her sister and spouse at Wendy's for dinner. Then we headed back home to watch the Haunting in Connecticut. And I learned that Angela screams.

what sweethearts they all are

and just so I don't forget. Vy got 3 fish plus one more that got away just as we pulled it out. Lolo caught 2. Chris and Toki caught 1 each.


  1. you aren't supposed to tell everyone what i wimp i am :) i like what you did to these photos. i like the aged look. and that pic of you looks great. you look freezing

  2. your pictures look great nancy!

  3. Thank you. These were fun to play with.

  4. So much fun! Let's go again this weekend!