Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Toki

We had some of our favorite friends over for a "Game Night." Here they are playing "bop it." Lots of competitiveness, cheating, calling each other out, denial, and even some good punches. Boys, gotta love em.

While Chris led a game of Settlers with these very loud, excited boys, I got the better end of the deal with a game of Ticket to Ride with about half as many kids. They actually were getting it and wanted to keep playing. I'm thinking a cute black and white picture on that wall would look nice.

This face sums it up.

He's still holding a grudge that we let him sleep through most of the festivities.

Some brownies and ice cream. And not to mention all the goodies while playing games. The level of hyperactivity and noise was off the charts.

Some more silliness

A pinata. Everyone gets so worked up about not getting as much candy as so and so.

Cheap thing was decapitated after the first hit. Homemade ones are better.

Some gifts. Love how the boys are so eager to hand Toki their gift and then await for the reaction. He was so gracious. But then again he scored. His friends are so generous.

A last minute game of football. Half the boys were here and the other half were jumping on the trampoline. I'm always glad to throw a party for the birthday boys. They're so happy and built up afterward. Next time my goal is not be so raunchy while getting it all set up.

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  1. The most important thing is that it looked like he got a bunch of toys.