Monday, February 8, 2010

We are working through the Flu

First Chris, then I, and now all the kids. Sure makes me appreciate good health.

Some things I remember happening this past week:

Vy said something that made me chuckle...."Mom, all I think about is food." To which I could not disagree.

He also made us cards. One was a snowflake and one he wrote, "I lve Daddy, I lve Mommy" to which he drew the three of us holding hands. (he was the only one who made us cards...A thoughtful Vy...which he really is). This boy is so sweet and sour. And I love him.

For the purpose of division of labor, I believe we had the following conversation about who has it worse (Rated R, not for the modest, mature generation):

Chris--You didn't have to go to work feeling like this, and then lock your keys in the car and have to wait for road side service, and then try to drive home. I thought I was going to die. But I had to stay alive for you guys.

Lucy--Yeah, that's pretty bad. But I did have to get 3 kids off to school, 3 different times, and attend a school program looking like a train wreck and everyone giving me that look of disgust. And your girl problems didn't start up, and you don't have the runs. I definitely have it worse.

Chris--What about when we had cryposporidium and I was on that toilet for a week straight.

Lucy--You only had it for a week? Lucky. We had it for four weeks and you didn't get the debilitating cramps. I had it worse.

Chris--You did not have it for four weeks but it's true I didn't have the cramps. What about the time I had the stomach flu and I threw up all over the bathroom floor?

Lucy--Oh, I definitely had it worse. I was 8 months pregnant with Lolo and had to clean up man puke. Brotha, you might of had the stomach flu, but I had it worse.

Chris--Yeah, I'll go do the dishes now.


  1. Booo to the flu! I feel Chris's pain too (although I have to say that Nancy had it worse). This past winter when I had a nasty flu, I was barely able to make it through the work day. Then on my way home my car broke down and I had to call Lisa to come get me, drive me into Heber to get a part, drive back to the car, repair it out in the bitter cold, then continue on home. Yuck.

  2. Cody? Thought I lost you forever. Thanks for the comment. We're laughing now at the past and how silly we can be. It's been a rough week but have been able to find some silly things to crack up about.

  3. What? Chris lock the keys in the car? That never happens.

  4. That back and forth was hilarious. Glad to know we're not the only ones that do that. BTW, its not fair to bring in the "women problems" card, that always trumps us :(