Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Birthday Boy

Oh how I love the Birthday Boy.

Over dinner tonight, which were Navajo tacos (my fry bread finally turned out perfect), I was reminded of something Vy would do as a young tot. I was handing out everyone's pills--Toki is on some kind of acid inhibitor, Lolo is taking antibiotics for strep, and Vy is taking DHA pills--when I told the boys what Vy would do when he was sick and we would give him medicine.

100% of the time, I would begin offering his medication gently, the offer would turn into bribing and coaxing and then after he would absolutely, positively refuse to take any medicine it would become a wrestling match. One or two of us would pin him down, and this was no pretty thing, he's a fighter, and all red and sweaty in the face he would eventually be forced to swallow whatever it was we were giving him. 100% of the time we would get the same exact response--Not only would he throw up the medicine, he would throw up everything else that was down there. Serves us right. (A good response right now would be to laugh at us. No rude or judgmental thoughts please.)

On top of that, it took us a while to learn because we were hoping he would outgrow his messy response. And for a long time I felt it was the responsible thing to do to help him get better. However, we finally came to realize that he would just get better on his own.

So for his birthday, I made sugar cookies in Springy cut outs, to decorate. I boiled up a lot of eggs to decorate, and pulled out the stamps and water color pencils for some art. It ended up being too many activities, too many kids, too few hands to help, and a lot of chaos. :0)

Sorry no pics. of the chaos; we were too busy being chaotic.

Of course, we had to have a pinata. And yes, someone got whacked. Good thing it was one of my own, the birthday boy to be exact. This awesome pinata came from our local mercado. If anyone knows how to get a pinata right, it's those guys. BTW, tomatillos were 35 cents/lb. wow!

Last minute, I decided I probably should make a cake. But, I didn't have a cake mix. So it was from scratch--poppy seed cake. I used almond extract instead of vanilla, and canola oil instead of shortening. It turned out.

The boys in his class are so cute and fun.

And here's the birthday boy in all his glory. Something funny I want to remember. He got $6 from his papa and baba. With it, he bought a puffle pet that came with a code to unlock a gift on his club penguin account. Little did he know that when his older brother used it first on his own account that it would no longer work for his own. pooey. So then for his birthday, one of his friends gave him a penguin and a puffle pet. He was so excited! Only to find out the codes were already used. pooey again.

This party was all planned, organized, with invitations sent out just four days before the big day. I was looking at the calender and realized I didn't have much time and really no other days would work out better than that Friday. Love this little boy. It's all worth the chaos.

What the heck. What I wore. The top has no sleeves. I didn't have a top I liked to wear with it so I actually made the one I'm wearing from an old black shirt that morning. Chopped and sewed.


  1. Unfortunately, the picture of her outfit doesn't do it justice. it is really cute and I wish you could see it better in the picture.

  2. you look cute. and how creative to make your shirt.

  3. and by the way, what a fun party. you can throw me a 30th birthday party. ;)