Sunday, March 14, 2010

Recent Notes

Made play dough with the boys. For Vy's birthday party, we are thinking of doing a "play dough making" party....but it turned out to be very messy and maybe not.

Notice Lolo's sleeve is wet. He sucks on it. Toki has been doing this for years as well. Where does it come from and why? Well.....I did it as a kid. I use to pull clothes from the dryer or washer and suck on them. I use to suck on the collar. Weird, I know. But I craved it. Don't know why.

I thought this was super sweet. The other day, Chris' tool box broke. Lolo one morning after he woke up, immediately asked for a wash cloth. He emptied out his craft box, cleaned it out, and told me this is for daddy's tools. Pure sugar.

Vy, finding a snack. He's so independent. It's actually quite nice. He'll make himself a sandwich and a cup of chocolate milk for lunch.

Here he is working on an art contest project. Water color pencils. My kids love them.

A cute snap shot I love. With the coloring of the picture and the old couches, it looks like it came from the 70s.

Toki loves scouts. Flying his home made kite.

It took us a couple weeks but we finished this version of the Wizard of Oz. Then watched the movie. Wow, the boys really looked forward to reading time together. Next in line....some abridged version of Alice in Wonderland....the new movie looks fabulous.

It finally snowed.

It's pretty....but I'm truly ready for Spring and Summer.

Celebrated White Day today. In Japan this is the day men do something for their women. Sort of a make up day for Valentine's. This year I flaked on Valentine's Day and so for White day, we had some artichokes and I set up a chocolate fondue. I think the artichokes were the hit though.

Love my family.

not a hard thing to do.


  1. i used to suck on my collar too.

  2. Nancy, the boys are getting so big and handsome! I love your updates. I always want to squeeze and hug them after reading through. That's awesome the artichokes were a hit. My mom and I are the only ones that eat them. Did you know they grow in bush form with tons and tons at a time? Our friends have a bush down here. At the end of summer, they hack it down to nothing and by the next season, it's back again in full. I wonder if they'd grow in Utah? We eat them all summer long here.

  3. collar sucking was an ericson boy thing. I know I did it.

    I think Nancy put in a typo...White day is when the women return the favor for valentines day (or make up for forgetting) ;)

    The fondue was yummy!

  4. beautiful pictures nancy!

    also, jessica mathews has a play dough recipe on her blog that she swears is the best ever. i haven't tried it yet, but maybe you would be interested...

  5. Such adorable pictures of the boys! My dad has been looking at old pictures lately and a couple have had chris and/or loyd as youngins. They look like a different one of your boys at every stage!

  6. i really like the little captions with the pics. really fun to read. white day looked delicious!