Sunday, April 25, 2010

an April update

Spring soccer. Lolo is now playing. He's underage so Chris is coaching his team. They're actually doing really well in spite of having two very young players.

Vy entertaining himself in between quarters.

Chris is coaching his team as well. A couple players are the same from last Fall.

Lolo had a birthday. We opened presents and had donuts that morning. We had soccer games and things to do. In the evening we had root beer floats.

Toki's new thing is to be cross eyed in all his pictures. I totally remembered going through that stage.

He's such a great kid. And so much fun.

A short hike

Easter dinner

Love turkey dinner because I get to make turkey dumpling soup the next day. And very often turkey tamales. yummy.

Toki's first science project (and mine too).

My new thing. I've always struggled with the whole allowance thing. They don't deserve it after all they've done and not done. However, I want them to learn about the value of money and it seems that the people who do well with money in the future, learned to earn it, had the opportunity to spend it as they please and learned to save some, early on. So my new thing is what you see above. If they get enough stickers to fill half of a sheet of construction paper, they get their age in allowance. The stickers here are what they've earned in just over 3 weeks. They could have easily filled half the sheet in a month. So they probably won't be getting their allowance next week. However, as soon as that half page is filled, they get paid. No stickers may be taken away. Once they've earned it, it stays for good. That way I'm not tempted to not pay up after all is said and done. Oh, and I get tempted really easily when they throw fits or piddle around when it's time to go to bed or refuse to pick up the toys.

Stickers are earned by doing things that are important to us and by working on things that they are struggling with. They can earn a sticker by brushing and flossing, not whining when it's time to clean up, and behaving during scripture reading time. Each kid has individual ways they can earn stickers. For example, Lolo struggles with getting dressed on his own. So he gets a sticker if he does, if he practices writing, or unbuckles himself from his carseat. Vy gets stickers for reading, not hitting that day, and taking his vitamins. Toki gets a sticker when he does his homework, practices his piano, practices soccer, takes a calcium chew, doesn't smack his lips during dinner, etc. They can get spot stickers for doing something great or doing something nice. I can use stickers as a bribe. Instead of paying them for making goals during their games, they get awarded lots of stickers.

I'm feel better about giving allowances now.

Lolo's party is scheduled for this upcoming Friday. I have so much fun making their invitations.

Chris and I ran a half marathon yesterday. We both ran slow and steady and were able to finish the race without walking. I had a really good run and felt strong. I think Chris wanted to run with me but early on I said I didn't want to hold him back and he should do it at his own pace. He came in 13 minutes before me, a whole minute/mile faster than I can do. Uncle Quin snapped this picture of us before we left. (You can see our unfinished project: The trim and walls.)

While we were away, Uncle Quin took the boys to buy bees.

And yes, the boys want bees. My way of resolving that......."Uncle Quin's bees are OUR bees. We're family."

Another unfinished project. But these will help in getting the other projects done. Can't wait. But, it'll be a while. Chris barely has time. And I don't have the abilities he has to do these things.


  1. so much fun! great pics and insight babe.

  2. the cross-eyed pictures are hilarious!!

  3. Ang, I thought so too. He's a funny kid. Loyd, the science project was to see what would help the seeds grow best....banana peel, orange peel, cocoa, cheese, and salt.

  4. One question...are the bees at your house? We are all allergic so let us know if it's safe to come visit or if we need to bring our EpiPen *lol* Great pictures and I LOVE the "allowence" project!!