Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Silly Game that

I've played with the boys, that my mom use to play with me, is to ask me who I love the most, "mommy or daddy" to which I would always reply "mommy" of course.

Early on, the answer is always "mommy." But as the boys learn how conniving this game is the answer becomes "mommy and daddy" because it's the truth. They always tell the truth.

So the latest game with Lolo went like this...

me: who do you love the most?
lolo: mommy and daddy
me: who's the funnest?
lolo: mommy and daddy
me: who do you like cuddling with the most?
lolo: daddy and mommy
me: who's the cutest?
lolo: mommy
me: who sleeps the best?
lolo: daddy
me: who works the hardest?
lolo: daddy
me: who's the boss?
lolo: mommy

Chris and I both chuckled at this. In reality we're both the boss. However, with him being gone so much, the dynamics of the family change and there's only one boss instead of two for weeks at a time.

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