Monday, May 10, 2010

Some things I love about you.
I love the way your eyes smile at me.
I love that you make us all feel like we're so fun to be with.
I love that you're sweet and shy.
I love that you're a happy person.
I love that you think your thumb is delicious.
I love that you try to please.
I love your cute lisp (for now).
I love just about everything about you.
That you were such a good baby.
And now you're such a good big boy.
There isn't much not to love about you.
You're the best and I'm so glad you're part of us.
Everyday has been so much better with you around.
Thank you.


  1. awwwwe, i don't want him to grow up :(

  2. Nancy, your photography skills are so refined! Do you solicit any business? Aside from the skills, your family is so beautiful and getting so big. I miss you guys!

  3. It is sooo hard when the baby grows up! I am having a hard time fathoming what life will be like with no babies around! I am holding on to my 2 year old baby!

    LOVE your house. So cute. The paint and curtains in your kitchen are just gorgeous. Bet you guys have saved a ton of money doing it yourselves. We have had some work done in our new home and it was $$$$ and I wasn't that impressed with the end result. Reed is not very handy and neither am I, so one of us needs to step it up!

  4. Happy birthday to "LoLo" I can't believe it!! He is getting so big! It seems like I was holding him at church just yesterday. Anyway, so when are you guys coming down for a BBQ??? Seriously....CALL me!! No cancelations on either of our parts this time around!! hee..hee!!