Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Transfer

Earlier this summer, we thought for sure we were transferring to Japan. But, we've hit a roadblock and the process slowed down drastically. Whether we're going to go is still up in the air.

It seems that every other day someone asks us about it. I've never had a miscarriage but I'm feeling like we sort of have. I told a few people, too soon. They spread the word and now I'm having to tell everyone the bad news. :0)

I'm feeling fine about it. I'm not stressed or anxious at all. I've moved on and am living my life. We enjoy it here, so either way, it'll be fine.

One funny thing that has happened is our stuff is being claimed by people. "I'll take this." "I'll buy that." "I'll take that off your hands."

So far the bunkbed, ladder, trampoline, kid's battery operated jeeps and 4 wheelers, both vehicles, and our house have been claimed. Even my clothes have been eyed. And our 42 year old couches..........I hear are being fretted over....Don't worry I won't throw them away. They're too sentimental. They'll just go to whoever in the family wants them.

As for the other stuff......keep dreaming.