Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whips, Wolf Badge, and Whatevers

Toki went to his first cub scout camp last month. My only request was that he did not buy a whip. Can you imagine him with his whip and younger brothers around? It just didn't seem like a good idea. Chris went up with him on the second day. He was sad to see Toki sad when all his friends bought a whip and he couldn't.

This put an idea into Chris' brain and the wheels started turning. He spent the ENTIRE weekend researching how to make a whip, driving around town looking for the right material, and then making them.

I know at this point, Chris would like me to go into the science of making the perfect whip. However, I wasn't paying that much attention. All I know is that it took a lot of time, it was complicated, and our neighbor who was formally known as the whip expert is now coming to Chris for advice on whip making.

Best Dad Ever

Toki learned how to make these survival bracelets out of the same material his whip is made out of. He has sold 4 and has 6 more orders. $3 each. Let me know if you are interested.

Stuff we did in July:

finishing up the painting, trim, doors in the house
Toki earned his Wolf in cub scouts
summer outing with our neighbors


  1. Toki whipping himself had me laughing into a coughing fit.

    And great video.

  2. oh. and tell toki i want a bracelet tomorrow.

  3. And...that was no cheapo $3 whip...this is the real deal 8 foot snake whip that cracks louder than an m-80! ...ok almost as loud as an m-80.

  4. hey, i would like a bracelet... Um, How does Toki want the money?

  5. Bobby, if you don't get it too him soon, I think he'll want it in Yen.

  6. ah man, i just saw the video...that old guy needs to lose some weight :(

  7. Your kids are adorable. What fun parents you guys are.

  8. that was a great video! And sign me up for one of those bracelets! i loved them. Chris is talented. that whip was awesome.

  9. I just have to add that if you watch Chris's facial expression when he is cracking the whip, you can tell where koji get's some of his facial expressions. Chris, you are so asian.

  10. Bobby, we really,really love you. But, none of us get it.