Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Some things about you:
You're the only one that was born with grey eyes.......your brother's eyes were just black. Turns out they're a pretty brown, in between dad's and mine.
The other day you told me you had "smashed" potatoes at school for lunch.
You're a giver....you just want to give...away your silly bands to your friends even though you spent your own allowance money to buy them........give treats to your teacher who got hurt.....make and give cards and treats out to neighbors....
Turns out you're very responsible in getting your homework done and you want to explode when you can't get the instructions.
You started reading beginner chapter books. I thought I would never see the day.
You're a math whiz.
You loathe cereal for breakfast.
You still eat and sleep like a champ.
You're persistent.
You have the softest, prettiest skin in the family.
You could care less about doing your hair and brushing your teeth.
You hate having your upper teeth brushed.......it tickles too much......and you freak out......one day I'll get it on video.
You have a big heart and watch out for your little brother at the play ground.
You're super warm, like an electric blanket.....in fact you sleep with the fan on.........as a baby, I had to fan you to sleep.
Nothing goes by you.....
You have a sharp memory and can recall details that the rest of us have forgotten......it's quite amazing actually.
You say the most random things.
The other day you asked, "Why do girls wear big fluffy things across their chests?" And I didn't know how to answer.
And you asked "Why do girls have a million hairs in their arm pits?" And after I said, "everyone does," you looked at your own armpit and said "Nope."
I love your toes and feet. They're strong and sturdy and an exact replica of your daddy's toes and feet. You make me massage them almost every night. You're the only one that gets one.
You're fun and busy and loud and boisterous.
You're a gem and we love you.


  1. This is making me miss my nephews.

  2. Chris and I were talking about the crazy similarities between our number two sons, this was great. I love the armpit hair comment. Sharp kid!