Friday, October 15, 2010

Chris went to Tokyo....and I

brought this canvas painting home....

And made some pillows for our lovely vintage couches that I have fallen in love with over the years. And since I can't get rid of them....

I redid my kitchen chairs in this crazy, vintage, orange fabric.

and also made curtains.

Now I'm dreaming of making this .

And if you're wondering how his trip was productive. He met with the people he needed to and found out good and bad news. He found out that they don't need him right now.....which was sort of bad news....and we wished they would have told us over the phone or by email instead of after spending all our points on a round trip ticket to Japan. However, because of the visit, he had a very honest and needed meeting with the head guy. After he got the truth about Chris and his mad skills, he decided that he would commit to getting us over there by May/June. We'll see....

He visited a few International schools and was taken on a tour for housing, by an agent. My main criteria for schooling is a music and Japanese language program....and also close proximity to Chris' work.

Chris was able to attend his cousin's wedding and see his parents who were there as well. He got lots of bonding time with his cousins, pulling a couple of late nights, ate good food, and traveled to Northern Japan with his parents to visit their old mission area. He also got to see what it's like to travel by train during rush hour in Tokyo and went to a Japanese bath house. Such a brave man...I'm much too shy for that.

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  1. Awesome projects, lovely canvas and I think you should make that blanket. I'm interested to see what happens w/ Tokyo