Monday, June 13, 2011

Hodge podge

Love holding our sweet little Marla, Loyd and Angela's baby.

Nate smiling

The toys are packed away. But no worries, the boys always are good at improvising.

Hanging out with some great people we met while living here.

Our awesome movers. This is installation number 1. These guys came in and packed up the house.

The final movers are here loading the containment with our stuff. I thought it would be an hour or so. I was wrong. They wrap up every piece they put in the container. They've been here for almost 5 hours and I'm guessing they still have another hour or so. Nicest guys. The house is looking pretty empty. We're paying bills and tying up loose ends. The carpet cleaners should be here tomorrow. Toki is at scout camp today and tomorrow.

The pictures in this post are not organized. Too tired to care. We were able to hang out with several friends before the big move. Love this park.

Hanging out with the Mitchells.

Installation number 2. Different packers who loaded up the container.

Where our stuff will be for a month or two. I hope it makes it to Tokyo!

Our movers were so awesome. Really.

Ice blocking at the park.

I'm really glad for this friend. She was often getting me out of the house. We ran and biked together. Our kids got along well so play dates at the park or church parking lot were always nice. I hope I find another friend like Jen and maybe even step it up and be one. I'm grateful for a good friend.

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  1. Oh man. I'm going to miss you guys. A lot. Maybe I'll get lucky and rich and come over while you're there. It was so good to have you here even though it was CRAZY and fast. I love you Nancy!