Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some updates/thoughts

So we sold our washer, dryer, and lawn mower today. We sold the car yesterday and the van a couple of weeks ago. Loyd came and picked up the green couches and some furniture we didn't want. If you thought we were minimalists before, you should see us now.

Without a car this morning, Vy rode his bike to school (accompanied by Chris). Toki opted to hitch a ride with his friend. By the afternoon we had picked up our car rental to hold us over for the week. I'll probably be heading to the Laundromat or a friend's house to do laundry.

We've been busy. We've both been cramming in as many private Japanese lessons as we can. Chris has been working on the house non-stop. He's also been working out the logistics of the move. I've been selling our stuff, getting the house clean for the showings, buying stuff we need, and other odds and ends. We also did a road trip to Mesa last weekend....only took 24 hours round trip to go to a wedding. Yikes.

We've been busy but there has been a lot of downtime as well. And although there has been tons to do, things are moving along smoothly. We're down to less than a week...movers are coming to pack up the house on Friday, on Monday they'll put everything in a cargo to ship, carpet cleaners on Tuesday, board a plane on Wednesday.

I don't know what to think. I'm mostly excited. I'm trunky and ready to go. And then there's this worry that I'm going to let the radiation problem taint my experience. It certainly is there and it's not going to go away. It's in the water, in the air, on surfaces everywhere...I'm praying to be protected during our stay in Tokyo.

Why are we doing this now, after all that has happened? We've had this dream to live in Japan for soooo long now. A path was made and we followed it. Now we're just going to live our lives to the fullest. Life's short and I'm not one to get up day in and day out doing the same old, same old.

We're doing this by faith and praying and hoping for the best outcome.


  1. It sounds like such an awesome adventure. I pray that you will be kept safe and that you will be able to feel peace about the radiation issue.

  2. I want so badly to tag you in one of these photos.