Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dedicated to My Family

We've been doing swimming lessons this month and soaking up the sun. The older boys have been enjoying the pool tremendously. Their big personalities show up in everything that they do.

Toki, who is my oldest, had two kids who kept tapping his shoulders to get his attention during the swim session. It didn't surprise me but made me giggle. He has this gift of making friends and not just friends but really good friends, quickly. He is beyond me in this area. I try to watch what he does to pick up a few skills but truly this is not something I'll ever be able to borrow from him; It's just one of those things he is blessed with.

Then there is my middle child, Vy, who had picked the cutest girl to impress. "Look at me, I can hold my breath for 5 minutes." As he dunks his head in the pool for maybe 2 seconds, she's already bored and looking off in another direction. Not satisfied with his attempt, he's off again trying to get her attention. He is my social bug and not shy at all. Everyone's a friend and if they're willing to listen he'll take it. And if he's not chatting your ear off with that busy mouth of his, he's stuffing it with food.

Then there's the baby, Lolo. He absolutely refused to get in that pool for his class. On the second day I asked him "Do you choose time out for an hour or swim lessons?" In his exact words, "I choose time out in mommy's bed and cry." I laughed and then switched his class to the parent/tot session. And now we take swimming lessons together. He is so uptight the entire time and can hardly relax unless I am completely under him. He trembles through most of it and balls his eyes out after I dunk his head under. When he's done with class he's all smiles and goes up to his teacher and says S(th)anks!

The names used here for my kids are not their real names but after some deliberation I decided to use nicknames that are sentimental to our family instead of fabricated ones. I don't feel comfortable using their real names or disclosing specific numbers such as birth dates, age, etc. either.

Now with that intro. to the monkeys that I write about a lot, I turn to my husband. I received a really special blessing once which included that every morning and night I would thank my Heavenly Father for such a man. It is true. Now if I can just convince him to get into his trunks to join us at the pool he can see for himself how fun it can be.

I'm hoping the rest of the summer will continue to be warm and relaxing with not too many bored days in between. So with that, I welcome you to the new blog. Thanks for reading.

Some of you have already seen most of this video. I did change a clip before re-posting it here.


  1. allow me to be the first to comment your new blog.

  2. i know you told me once before, but who sings that version of the song again?