Friday, July 24, 2009

This Post

of our trip to Wyoming has taken sooooo long to do. I had to decide which pictures I wanted to use, resize them all, upload them to picasa and then here. Seriously was a pain to do and I'm losing the patience for such detail and organization. What motivates me is that I want to do it for my family and I just want the boys to remember.

This is the 3rd summer we've had the opportunity to go up to Wyoming with Chris during his summer visit to a company he audits there. This time around I decided to venture out a bit more with just the boys and I since Chris was working. In previous years I've been hesitant to do so because it can be a very stressful and complicated thing to do with 3 boys. We usually just take it easy and just enjoy simple activities.

One of the activities we did was drive into Yellow Stone and check out Old Faithful. This time we walked around the walk way and checked out the other hot pots. We were there for a couple hours and were able to see Old Faithful go off as we got there and before we left again. I would have loved to go see the Lower and Upper Falls and other natural wonders there but seriously just this trip alone took all day and it was the closest place from where we were coming from. The kids had a great time and we all crashed that night.

My favorite outing was our 8 mile roundtrip bike ride along the Tetons and 3 mile hike (roundtrip) to Lake Taggart. I had been eyeing the hike for a while and when we happened to reach it by bike made the quick decision to do it with the boys. Toki and I felt a sense of accomplishment that day. The other boys were just along for the ride and what troopers they were!

We were able to check out Jenny Lake early in the week and then we revisited it a second time with Chris at the end of the week. We then took a ferry ride across it and did another hike to a waterfall then Inspiration Point. It was pretty cool.

Overall it was a wonderful trip and I was really proud of myself for venturing out like that. There were some times I just had to pray and have faith that the boys would be protected and then quickly send my Thanks to Heaven for the blessings.


  1. Wow, fun! I've wanted to go check out Yellow Stone, but have never made it... I guess it's 'cuz I don't like traveling. Anyway, it looks like you guys had lots of fun, as usual. Your boys are really lucky to have parents who do such fun things with them!

    By the way... what is that first picture of? What is everyone looking at?

  2. I think it is fun you guys get to go hang out with Chris up there every week. I imagine everyone in your family loves it. And look at the fun adventures you had while he was working! I can relate to being hesitant on going places alone with the kids - and I only have two! I'm jealous of your visit to Jenny Lake. I love it there. As many times as I have gone there, I've never actually taken the ride across the lake. Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. The boys are looking at the geiser, Old Faithful, that goes off regularly shooting up steamy water. I should have put notes on the pics but was already feeling like I spent more time on this post than I wanted to :0). We love going up with Chris even if it's just to get away from the daily routine of things and we don't do anything exciting there. I actually thought of you, Collette, while we visited Jenny Lake. It was super close to where we were and remembered the pics of yourself that you take from the same spot each time. So cool.

  4. Great Pics! A side note on Nancy's great planning: Nancy planned activities each day for her and the kids. They usually left in the morning just after I went to the office, and hiked, biked, drove, and played in Yellowstone/Grand Tetons until 7 or 8 each night. The kids would come home exhausted after a hard day of hiking and biking. She did a great job with the kids and definitely made the vacation a hit with everyone. And to add to that, everyday, she made me lunch and dropped it off at the office on their way out! I was so happy to be able to join them on the last day for the trip to Jenny Lake and the waterfall.

  5. That was great adventures everyday. Your kids and Chris appriciate you and remember the experience forever. I am so glad that you have guts to do those things by yourself. I wish i could go with you, and I really need to move in mountains. Thank you for sharing with us.