Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I May Have to Go Private

Thanks for coming to my blog. I enjoy your thoughts/comments.

I'm uncomfortable with just anyone coming here, so if you know the address, you must be really special :0)

Out of respect and courtesy, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't take my stuff, videos, posts, pictures, and anything at all from my journal and re-post it anywhere or share my link with anyone. I'm especially leery of just ANYONE looking at videos of us and especially of the kids.

There were a few recent incidences where this has occurred. Two of which I know weren't malicious but I still felt it should have been run by me first.......the other I'm not so sure was posted with love ;o).

I hope I don't have to go private.......because I know just having that extra step to log on is enough extra work to get me to stop visiting a blog.



  1. ok what happened?? Call me :) Loves!!

  2. Don't you hate that creepy feeling? I know I do and I'm sure you know of my constant - should I go private or not battle? Either way, I want to be able to come to your blog still! :)

  3. Now I'm curious!? I only post pictures of Chris, you know, the naked ones from high school...

  4. Nice Carson. I want to see them. Everyone raves about Chris' high school body and especially his biceps. I'd like to see Chris in all his high school glory. I only got to see his post mission baby fat.

    So the story goes like this....a couple of my home made videos were posted on facebook (to share with that person's friends our cuteness and wonderfulness) without my permission. They link to other home made videos of the kids and also to my blog. I don't like strangers peeping into our lives.

    Then the Narrator left a comment on my guilty caterpillar post that he thought was funny but I felt was in poor taste. He then linked my blog on his facebook with the title...."I'm so funny." That didn't go over well with me. But you wouldn't know that since he defriended you on facebook for the silly comment you made on his forum. That was really low Carson, really, really low. Made for a funny story but seriously you ought to be ashamed of yourself. ;0)

    Gotta love that de-friending ability. It gives people a sense of power.

  5. Chris, wasn't me. I make mine comments about her post's "cute".