Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A ridiculous little Guilt trip.

During the last few miles of the marathon I came upon a very large, bright, orange caterpillar inching it's way across the road. I'd never seen anything like it before. It was out of place.

My brain was in slow motion. But some things came to my mind like.....that's a huge road it's trying to cross, I wonder if it feels the heat coming off the pavement, I hope it doesn't get squished, I'm going to hang in there like the caterpillar. Not one of my thoughts was to help it.

I've been feeling guilty about the whole thing....Stuff like.........Why didn't I stop to pick it up and take it across....I was just thinking about myself and focused on finishing the race.........I could have carried it with me and shown it to the boys......How much do I do this in my life.... being so focused on myself or us to not see the little things I can do around me to make it a better place for someone or something else.

Just a thought.


  1. I think it accidentally got started on that path across the road. If you would have carried it across it would have been permanently removed from its family and known life. I think you did it a favor by letting it be. It was probably able to recognize its error on its own then correct its direction. That way it kept its self confidence and was able to return home to his family having learned a valuable lesson. ;-)

  2. i know both of those feelings!when i see bugs or something stranded where they don't belong, i want them to make it to safety.(as long as its not my house) Speaking of slowing down to think about the people in your life - i've actually been trying to make my prayers more meaningful by taking time during the day to think about the people i know, and what they are going through, and what i can do to be helpful. its difficult though..., cuz I'm so popular ;)

  3. I don't know if you remember the short story I wrote about dying. It was the one that I was writing on my blog which made my parents freak out cuz they thought I may actually be dying...

    Well this reminds me of Day 47, which is based off of a real experience.

  4. You're such an amazing writer....Your version surpasses my version.