Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lolo tidbits

You are so patient....always waiting so patiently. You by far are the best at this in our household.

I recently opened my eyes to this imaginary play thing you do with your hands. Last month I noticed it during our lunches together and right before you fall asleep while you lay in bed. I don't know how long you've been doing it and how it's progressed to this, but one day, when I opened my eyes and paid attention to what you were doing while you were waiting............I saw you........

waiting for lunch

More tidbits:
You call me "cutie mommy," "cutie pie," and "beautiful mom." Seriously stink'in cute.

I've been trying to convince you that you won't want to marry me but you're adamant that you will.

In part of the video you pick some colored cards up to play with. You got them from preschool to learn your colors. It's a game. I hide them around the house and you find them or vise versa. When your brothers are gone, you pull them out and make me play this game over and over again.......it drives me nuts after a while. And you always give me hints......you pretty much show me where you hide them each time.

Today, like on many days, while I was cleaning........you asked to help........You took a rag, rinsed it off, soaked it in vinegar water, ringed out the rag and cleaned surfaces.....over and over.......until we were done.

Some dialogue I want to remember: (there's so many, I wish I could remember them all)

Lolo "Who farted?"
Me "Not me."
Lolo laughing "I did."
Me "You're suppose to keep it a secret when you fart."
Lolo "Oh, K."
Me "Dad has a hard time doing that."

Lolo "Mom, I woke up without underwear. I put some on yesterday and now......gone."
Me "Oh, I hate when that happens." (not thinking when I replied)

Me "Lolo, on your next birthday you're going to be four again......I'm not letting you turn five......nope you're going to stay my baby. We're going to put a diaper on you and give you a bottle."
Lolo "Moooooom, I'm still going to keep growing even then."

Lolo "Mom, where's dad going?" (on our way home from somewhere, driving in separate cars)
Me "He's driving home."
Lolo "He's going to sleep there and in the morning he's still going to be there?"
Me "Yes."
Toki "That's crazy."
(apparently the boys have noticed dad has been working long hours)

Your own lingo:

I want a nola bar---granola
MOM!!! Tect me, tect me------protect me........as you run away from a brother.

We love you!

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  1. i need to buy him some real toys and stop giving him sticks and rocks to play pretend starwars. Love the video babe, nice job.