Saturday, August 8, 2009

Random Stuff

These are some of the treats we picked from our garden.

The Empire State Building

A few times a year the kids beg to do a yard sale. Since the neighbors were having one today, I threw some stuff outside, so did the boys, and they were occupied all morning.

Is it just my boys or are they super busy. Mine are constantly doing something. What ever happened to zoning out and chilling.

I love this picture. I bagged up a bunch of their toys that they would dump on the floor and not play with. Then I put them in storage. It sort of has back fired because now I have them using my ziplock bags, emptying out my linen closets, emptying out stuff to use the boxes to make stuff. No matter what I do they find a way to make the house look like a tornado has gone through it. Oh well, I'm not the one who cleans it anyways. Well not all of it. I have them pick up so that I can vacuum.

It's nice to not be the only reader around here and delegate some of the bedtime routine out.


  1. it went well. The boys made over $20 and we got rid of some junk.

  2. That one kid is waaaay too white to be yours! Thanks for letting him do that. He will remember that for a long time.

  3. hahaha, Carson. I sat her for 5 minutes trying to figure out who that kid is. Now I know