Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This August

has been the mildest August I can ever remember. The heat has been tolerable and the temperatures have been down right cold at times. There were a few days that reminded me of Fall and the feeling that school is just around the corner.

This little guy (Vy) will be starting Kindergarten this year. It's an exciting time. Just remembering a detail of his past...he always had to have his binkey to fall asleep (before turning 1). Most nights he seemed uncomfortable those first few minutes of falling asleep that I would have to fan him. If I stopped he would whine. This turned into a back rub, tummy rub, and now we've just settled for a foot massage. So while his brothers are left to fend for themselves, most nights he gets a foot rub as he falls asleep. Lucky duck.

The boys love hearing stories about themselves when they were babies. Ears tune in, all eyes on me, I can go on and on about things that they did or things that happened and they eat it all up. Last night Toki and I talked about when he was a baby and the things he would do that floored me. At 2 months old I showed him how to get a turtle toy to play music and he would purposely make it play music. He was super alert. At 4-5 months he could say dog and point at one. Sometime before Vy was born I wondered if he could sing the ABC song and asked him to sing it to me. And he did. Don't know for how long he had known. At 12 months I'd say "blink your eyes" and he would, "tug your ear" and he would, etc. etc. He had all sorts of tricks and they all cracked me up like it you said "kon nichi wa" he would bow or if you said "bansai" he would raise his arms. He was such a kick.

Then there's the "baby." He was/is by far the most pleasant baby ever. If he's tired he'll go and take a nap on his own. He's full of love and I call him pure sugar. A real sweetheart.

Having kids can be tough but they liven our lives so much.


  1. Wow! My 1 year old still can't say much of anything, much less point to a dog and say the word. She's as cute as a button and I love her tremendously, but you can tell she doesn't get as much one-on-one teaching and learning time as her older sibling did at this age (since her older sibling was at the time an only child). My 3 year old, on the other hand, says all kinds of big words. Instead of telling us about an "owie" she got, she’ll say, "Mom, do you want to see my abrasion" or "Dad, did you see my contusion?" Not too long ago she was challenging me on something and I said "are you saying I don’t know what I’m talking about?" to which she replied, "Hey, if the boot fits…" Hilarious!

  2. hi lucy, my name is rosa. I just had the systrunk procedure about a week ago. im concerned because they told me it was same as yours, right at the base of my tongue. I was admitted one night with a drain. The procedure itself was only 1 hour and a half. I am concerned because right after surgery yes I felt a lot of pain but exactly like when my cyst was infected nothing worse but a sore neck and chest pain too.about 4 hours after surgery I was able to eat ice cream and speak fine, painful to swallow but not much. my neck did not look all bruised up like yours it looked normal. My stitches were removed 4 days later. The surgeon said my wound is healing well.and it is.completely closed now. my mother says.that cant be only 7 days from surgery. Basically he said im fine and I can go back to school right away.just to.take it easy and strenuous activity or heavy lifting. My neck still feels swollen and above the.incision it still feels numb, I asked if tha was normal he said yeah. Also I still feel my neck lumpy. So I am just.concerned that he did his job right and he took.out what was needed because I feel like I should have felt worse than.I.did. I mean im thankful but is it normal?? please let me know.what you think abou this.and if.I should go back and insist of him to check me throughly and.see if I am normal. He said not to come back unless I feel same symptoms as when I had the cyst, but I thought he would have to do another ct scan or something. please respond as to im worried if I still have the cyst or why is my neck still feeling numb and lumpy. Thank you. Oh also is it really safe to go back to school my thank you lucy and I am glad your surgery went well.