Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Our Thanksgiving Trip to see Family in Southern California

A blissful day at New Port Beach. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. The boys wished we could stay longer. I was missing my family and this trip was exactly what I/we needed.

My parents moved back to my childhood home in Alhambra. We use to think it was haunted. Staying there brought back so many fun memories. I no longer feel the presence of a ghost :0) and the boys and us really enjoyed our stay.

On our drive back Chris thought about what he could do for my parents. He said that every time they come to our home, they mend our fence or help out on a house project and he wanted to reciprocate that. When he saw the unpainted shed that my dad just built, he got to work and painted it. And just when he thought he was even, my dad takes our van to the shop for an oil change and to top the fluids and fills up our tank.

We went golfing. Chris went a couple of times with my brother.

It was actually really fun and relaxing.

We went to Disneyland. The boys including Lolo got to ride on lots of roller coasters.....Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones (excluding Lolo), Star Tours. They were troopers. Wow, can't believe we're at this height stage.

Briefly visited an old friend...the one who was brave enough to share with me the Book of Mormon and her religion. It changed my life. And I can't thank her enough. I have been blessed tremendously.

Hanging out with my cousins that I grew up with.

Brother making some nutty concoction that was actually quite delicious with pie and ice cream. Glad my family loves my hubby and vice versa.


  1. Darling pictures Nancy! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Trip!!

  2. AWESOME pictures Nancy! And what a fun time!

  3. The blog looks great! We have got to make it to Disneyland before the kids outgrow that "magical" stage. I have never been either.

    Have you finished your kitchen yet?

  4. finished my kitchen?...ha! I wish. And I can't believe you've never been to Disneyland? Sort of cool.