Monday, December 14, 2009

This is Vy's 3rd tournament. You may want to turn your volume down. I'm going to try to be quiet next time. A couple things I learned...a nasty headlock is called a cross face and Vy doesn't like to be in one.......Vy is not a quitter......he fights to the bitter end.....or in this case a victorious end. He sort of reminds me of a praying mantis.

Toki has a really good "shoot or take down"


  1. So couple of things, i love how Vy is like choking or something cause of his head gear and like he wins, but it looks like he's crying. And I love watching koji trying to work in several things get the kid to stay down. I MISS YOU GUYS!!! Is there a tournament when i'm out there? Better be. Oh and what's up the the jordan colors? Are you kidding me???

  2. He was crying because his opponent was choking him with the cross face and it was a rough match for him.

  3. Yea, Alta doesn't have any youth teams until February. It does pain me a little to cheer for someone wearing a Jordon singlet.