Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Yes Please.......I'll take an XX

Comments I've gotten since having 3 boys (some more than others)...
1. So you going to try for the girl?
2. You NEED a girl.
3. Ohhhh, if you had a little girl, she would be soooo gorgeous.
4. You need to have 6 kids.
5. What if you have a fourth and it's a boy...followed by a hahahaha.
6. You've been slacking. (this may be something I tell myself)
7. This is how you have a girl....followed by a variety of options, some more explicit than others. (I like to hear what my lady friends have to say. It was weird to hear some of the comments made by males, usually not requested by me.)

Some expections I'm hearing....get pregnant, have a girl, and make sure she's gorgeous.

And for $18,000 I could do it:

Interesting article. It mentions that most countries have banned the procedure. It's legal in the U.S.A. and 70 percent of one doctor's clients are from those other countries. I think it's too extreme for the purpose of just choosing a gender but think it's a fabulous option for those who have a huge chance for genetic disorders for example those families who have had all kids with a genetic disorder. When I've been pregnant, I've always skipped out on the genetic disorder testing. I don't want to make myself worry about information I can't do anything about. If it's obvious on the the ultrasound....that's another thing.


  1. The only comment I ever make about us trying the fourth time is that it was like playing Russian roulette...if you go for it, good luck!

  2. As I thought about it, our kids are almost identical so if you get pregnant again I guarantee it will be a girl...wait, that is IF ours is a girl, I'm still not 100% sure :(