Monday, January 4, 2010

A Big Day

We've been super busy these past couple of weeks with lots of family visiting and celebrating. One of the major events besides Christmas, our Anniversary (which we didn't celebrate), New year's, Spencer's wedding, and Toki's birthday, was his baptism.

I was quite busy trying not to completely mutilate the opening and closing hymns, as the pianist, and then trying to keep Vy and Lolo quiet and still (which wasn't working) that I wasn't able to calmly and peacefully enjoy the ordinance.

However, I'm happy for us. We've made it this far and it is an accomplishment for me. It's not easy to stay active in any church, and have seen lots of converts "fall away."

I hope for my children that they will notice the blessings in their lives because of their faithfulness in keeping the commandments and trying to live Christ's teachings. It's so easy for us to be ungrateful and not see how truly blessed we are until something happens to shake us out of our so called "misery." We've been given so much and in many ways are spoiled.

Vy and Lolo were the only kids watching the baptism. They got front row seats to watch their big brother get dunked. They then thought they could also crawl into the center of the circle as Chris, his dad and grandpa, Uncle Quin, and brothers Loyd and Bobby, gathered around Toki to lay their hands on his head and confer the gift of the Holy Ghost to him.

Something that I want to remember is when our Bishop got up to address us and especially Toki and gave him some specific instructions. "I interviewed this young man before baptism and his parents have taught him well. You have good parents." To which he replied, "I know." He kept replying "o.k." as the Bishop gave him specific instructions to listen to his parents and to write down in his journal about his baptism experience.

So happy my parents came up for this event. My kids loved having their grammy and papa around. And it was just nice to have their presence with us for a handful of days. Wish it would happen more often.

hahaha. Toki looks mortified and I look fat.


  1. Congrats Toki!! Ayden was going to get Baptized with you but we all got the flu :( It's always something!! Let's get together soon!!

  2. Wish we could have been there, was the plan, things came up and we just could not pull it off. I am so proud of you Koji and know you are blessed for it. Happy birthday buddy. Parents did great !

  3. Uncle Carl here. Your comment about trying to keep the boys quiet during the baptism reminded me that my mom missed Elsina's baptism because she was out in the hall walking with Abby because she would not settle down at all. Then when Bethany was baptized, John dropped Setsuko off at the hospital in Bountiful to sit with Maren so that Katy could make it to the baptism and Elsina stayed home to take care of Reed who had a bad case of the chicken pox. We were all stressed because of Maren and Reed and the thought briefly passed about whether we should just wait a month. It made it all worth it when, in the dressing room, Bethany looked at Katy and said: "I've been waiting for this day my whole life."
    Keep up the good work with the boys (and that includes your husband).

  4. I only felt grumpy about the situation for a short while especially since no one offerred to help. But nonetheless, your comment has made me feel better. Thanks.