Friday, January 22, 2010

I miss my old Blog

I visited my old blog and it got me chuckling. I wrote some funny things and I loved the comments that I got. And although this post isn't as interesting as some of the stuff I've posted in the past, here are a few of the things we've been up to lately.

Some hard core sledding. This is some scary least for mommy. Taken at Soldier Hollow. I meant to take more pictures but it was freezing and I was worried that I was going to drop the camera as we flew down the hills. These ropes tow you up individually and then you may go down as a group. Once we all held on to each others tubes. Not a good idea. We picked up too much speed. It freaked me out and I refused to look.

Some more Lego creations.

Our t.v. channels haven't been working since the Holidays. The kids haven't asked for t.v. We've watched more movies and the kids have been into everything. EVERYTHING. T.V. is not such a bad thing sometimes.

Working on our own version of "I Spy" books. Still working out the kinks.

Our pet birds as part of our attempt at I spy

They're names are Yoda, C3PO, and R2D2 btw. Can you tell which is which?

Alot of reading. The top three were Toki's reads for the month or I should say a week. His favorite was BFG. But he really enjoyed Matilda and he refused to read Witches for a few days after starting it. Too scary but he managed to finish it. Thanks Bobby for giving the boys such good books.

Busy Season for Chris....Single parenthood for me

Trying to get to the secret stash of candy. I finally just threw it away since they were plowing through it.

Our new cabinets. Actually they're the old ones refaced. Chris took beadboard and used his new table saw (actually used off of to cut them to the right size. We glued, caulked, and painted, painted, painted. Now we need some antique looking knobs to accessorize actually more to decrease those finger prints.

love em. And him. He's so handy and talented.

A before-scripture-reading activity that should have been an after reading activity

The boys make a circle of objects and hop over the items as long as they can

It's quite the work out.

And actually quite fun for them. I of course just sit, watch and wish I had the desire to burn off some calories and join them.

I've also started Vy's scrapbook/journal. Did one for Toki a long time ago and now am compiling my thoughts, feelings, and journal entries about the little monkey. I had a strong start and was surprised that I remembered so much. It's one of those things I have to be in the mood for or it just doesn't' happen.

Hope you have a good day!