Monday, January 4, 2010

A thought

A couple months ago we had a super Saturday. First time I've ever heard of it. It was this activity where ladies get together and craft all day. I believe the church has put an end to Super Saturdays (for now at least).

Any how, I was getting ready to embellish my craft with a sticker that read "our family is forever" when I noticed my friend pick up her sticker that read "just family." Oh cool, I thought, where can I get one of those? To which she replied, "I special ordered this" and with a lowered voice "we're not married in the temple." Call me insensitive, but I couldn't help but laugh.

As if

How can families not be forever, married in the temple or not. We married, we had children, we experienced life together. We're bound to a certain degree , temple marriage or not. And unless I missed the part that our memories of our family will be wiped away completely at death, I believe you can't forget family whether you want to or not.

And if my kid in heaven didn't remember I was his mama, I'm gonna slap him right side the head.

stupid Mormon cliches

12/30/09 waiting outside the Ogden temple for Spencer and Laura to come out

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  1. Love you!! Thank you, I needed this today more than you will know :)