Monday, February 28, 2011

"Falling off your broom"

So for Valentine's day I picked up these brooms at the Chinese market. The boys have been playing "Quidditch." I thought these would be fun. But, it seems that it stunted there imagination and they stopped pretending. Then we got a kick out of taking pictures of them flying. So the brooms are being used now.

Some funny things I've heard lately from our Harry Potter fanatic include...."Do invisibility cloaks exist?" "I wish people could really fly." "Wouldn't it be fun if we played Quidditch for reals?"

He's been asking and asking for book 7. I've been holding off since he's so close to earning a book for practicing the piano. He resorted to starting the series over again.

Here's the "snitch."

I'm dreaming of a summer vacation that includes going to Florida and checking out the new Harry Potter theme land at Universal Studios, visiting NASA, and hanging out at the beach. There's no law against dreaming in between loads of laundry, right?

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