Monday, February 21, 2011

New camera

Toki wanted a camera for his birthday. We debated over how much to spend on the camera especially since the boys have a tendency to break or lose things. We opted to get a middle grade Polaroid. He really enjoyed being able to take pictures. And I liked getting his perspective on things as well as seeing pictures of places he went to that I didn't. However, I was so bummed out while glancing at his pictures. The quality is so bad. For me, it's worth the extra buck to get a better picture. So I returned it and got a nicer one. Here are a few pics. from his old camera minus the first one which was taken with his new camera.

love seeing what pictures he takes!

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  1. sweet. We bought some cheapies for all three boys ($20 off ebay) as a goal for doing some more things around the house. They just got them this week and have been loving them. I kind of wish we would have gotten nicer ones though. Fun to see what they do with them.