Thursday, March 31, 2011

the Dentist

He's my only one that doesn't brush his teeth and yet my only one without cavities once again. I'm guessing it has to do with him inhaling his food and not chewing. JK :0) It's genetic....just like dad and papa....but then again "inhaling" food.....that could be genetic too.

We recently discovered a huge difference in how we eat around here. For me, once I feel full, I can't eat anymore.....the pain of being full is no fun and it would be torture for me to take another bite. Toki and Lolo are just like this. You can't get them to take another bite once they're's torture.

On the other hand, for Chris and Vy, the pleasure that comes from the food overrides the pain that comes from fullness. And thus, we see them clearing off their plates, asking for more, and eating brothers leftovers. Finally, there's a moment of excruciating pain, that we all hear about and then we move on.

I think these patterns of eating are more genetic than they are learned. Genetically, Vy is more like his dad then the other two are. They have so many little things that align such as body shape, skin color and eye, sensitivity to light, good teeth, warm feet, and even how they react to life in general.

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  1. What I take from this is that eating more and faster means fewer cavities, I like that.