Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sight words with S A M S O N

Love this website. It helps me with teaching Lolo how to read. This particular sight helps out with the most common sight words. It's pretty cool. We've only done the first couple of lists. Lolo also discovered all the printables. We printed up a bunch of worksheets that he's enjoying. It also has fun ideas for games to play with the instructions. The assignments get harder as you move up levels. so cool.

Besides this, we play games throughout the what does _________ start with? What's this letter and it's sound? He can also read simple words if he's in the mood.

I like doing this kind of stuff with him. For one, the other two boys are gone for a good chunk of the day and we get bored. He has a decent attention span and he's fairly easy to work with. Also, I'm worried that he'll be behind when he starts up kindergarten in the Fall. In fact, I know he'll be unless I work with him. He'll be tested in the summer by the International school and I want to help him be at least at grade level.

My other two boys are smart but when they started Kinder here, they were behind compared to their peers. They both went to a neighborhood preschool but I never really worked with them outside of that. While other kids were starting at higher levels of reading, mine both were at the lowest level and moved up throughout the school year. I never worried about it. They've done just fine at school.

It's funny that the principal of their new school said that Toki tested AT grade level in everything except writing in which he tested below grade level. Although he is in the top of his class here, the reality is he's just at grade level when we're talking private schools. I'm actually quite excited about the quality of education the boys will be getting. It's a shame what's happening to the schools around here. In fact, we have the next 3 Fridays off due to budget cuts. Utah ranks 30th in the nation on test results. We didn't even make it in the upper half. Now a days, we really do need to supplement, singing, art, etc. which all are offered at their new school....not to mention cooking which I have my eye on.

I hope our transition goes smoothly and that we won't have too many more bumps to face in our transfer. We've been wanting this for a long time. We're more excited than nervous. Things are progressing in the right direction.

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  1. I still think it is crazy you guys are moving to JAPAN!