Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Seeking J i m m e r F r e d e t t e

for any one of our lovely Ericson ladies. I'm a huge fan. I'm so proud to be a BYU alumni. You've made us all proud. That's why we're so happy to let you know that we'd love to have you be a part of the family. Some of these ladies may have boyfriends but that's o.k. They're only temporary until you make your pick. And although not all are BYU fans, don't worry.....her love will be unconditional.

Meet Erica. Her love for children and life is exemplified by her service to children of all nationalities. She recently graduated and now teaches at some amazing school. She is an avid reader and collector of books. She's fun to be around and wise beyond her age. She's smart, thoughtful, giving, and has a strong ability to understand people even if they're not great communicators. You'll be very happy with this pick and your children will be so lucky to have her as their mother!

Meet Elsina. She's a high school teacher and past cheer leading squad coach. She herself was a cheerleader and dancer. She's got some funky moves and is always ready to impress. Her flawless skin and perfect locks are sure to catch your eye.

Meet Lauren. She's a great friend and easy to be around. She's laid back and sure to calm your nerves any day. She's very knowledgeable about fashion and make up. She grew up with lots of siblings and cousins and will sure be a great mother and wife.

Meet Maren. She's got great legs. They came in handy all through high school and college when she played volleyball for them. Her athleticism is sure to impress. She's also very smart and studying to be some fancy lawyer. She'll be certified to watch your back. You will not be disappointed with her sassy spunk.

Meet Katelyn. Recently graduated from BYU, she's interning at the church headquarters before heading to graduate school. She's musically talented and dances a spicy two step. Your family and friends will love her. She's a sweetheart and as cute as a button. You'll definitely move up in the world with this catch.

Meet Shauni. Although the boys are always chasing this gal, she will only have eyes for you if you pick her. Another brilliant Ericson girl, she can be whatever she, lawyer, accountant. You'll be wowed by her smarts. She's sweet and laid back but can work like a horse when it's time. You'll never be bored when you're with her.

Meet Malea. A Spanish gem, she speaks two languages. She's smart and spiritual. She has the most amazing hair, you'll never have to worry about your kids being bald. She's also a BYU student heading to high places. She's got brothers that will be at your beck and call; you'll have everything you'll ever need and more.

Well, there you have it....most of the single ladies in our clan. You are one lucky man!


  1. Cute post Nancy! I am definitely proud to be an Ericson girl!I think Maren already called dibs on Jimmer though...


  2. hahaha. Nancy this is awesome. I have called dibs on Jimmer...though he is younger than me. I have a couple of friends at BYU that are on Jimmer watch for me. If they ever run into him, they are going to let him know that he is love with me.
    Love this. Too funny!

  3. I had no idea who this Jimmer guy was but after some lengthy research, I have to say that I'd take him in a heartbeat (after you were done with him Maren).

  4. Hahaha...this is so awesome! :) I call dibs on Jimmer after Erica.