Friday, March 25, 2011

Food allergies (wheat and milk)

We're back on a special diet for Toki. I spent $60 on the above stuff.....calcium supplements, hypoallergenic lotion, almond butter, wheat/milk free pasta and snacks. We're also staying away from eggs, peanuts, soy, and barley; basically all the stuff he use to be allergic to. We've been eating lots of potatoes and rice as staples.

Last week Toki had a cold. He stayed home from school for a couple of days. Towards the end of the week he wasn't getting better but instead was worse. It seemed to me he was having allergies. His symptoms included a rash down both sides of his cheeks and neck, puffy, itchy eyes, stomach ache, and congestion. He pretty much has eczema all winter long.

Come to find out, at the school "chocolate party" last Thursday, he had a whole milk shake. Anytime he has a lot of dairy, I notice he gets a stomach ache. I concluded that he became lactose intolerant since he was not raised on milk when he was younger due to a milk protein allergy. Anytime he has dairy I usually give him an enzyme pill to help him digest the milk protein. But for several years now he hasn't had hives and congestion with the ingestion of the above mentioned foods, so why now? I'm guessing his immune system has gone haywire. Perhaps having a cold and a milk shake at the same time was a bad idea.

Anyway, as for now, we're allergen free which makes school lunch a bit tricky.

This is a sandwich using "corn thins." They're a hit with the kids and I actually enjoyed it. Can't be too picky with minimal choices.

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